Autoplaylists for Google Music™

Adds autoplaylists (iTunes "smart playlists") to Google Music.

Autoplaylists for Google Music™

This Chrome extension adds customizable rule-based autoplaylists to Google Music. They work just like iTunes "smart playlists".

autoplaylist screenshot

This extension is not supported nor endorsed by Google.


You can install from the Chrome Web Store: Autoplaylists for Google Music™.

Now that Google Music has shut down, it's available for free.


This is what the page action looks like:
page action screenshot
Newer versions of Chrome put the icon to the right of the star.

If you don't see the page action, it may be hidden. To unhide it, click the hamburger button then right-click the icon and select 'Show in toolbar':
Unhide by right-clicking and pressing 'Show in Toolbar'


Visit the wiki for support and more details on how the extension works.


The code powering the extension is open source. For more details, see the GitHub project page.


To receive announcements about new features or improvements, join the announcement mailing list. The changelog on GitHub also has detailed descriptions of what's new in each release: